The Cigar Monologues blog is born!

Wow, I’ve been telling myself that I’d collate my many reviews in a blog eventually… Now is that eventually!

Why the monologues? Well, I decided that if a vagina could have them, then cigars had damn well better catch up in this dog eat dog world… Plus, many of my reviews resemble archetypal monologues – considerable, rambling swathes of text with no opportunity for anyone to interject.

Well, now’s your chance. I’ll be reviewing plenty of quality cigars (I hope), very few poor ones (I also hope) and moving across my previous reviews slowly but surely. There will also be plenty of photos and bits and pieces of cigar news.

Now, let’s see if I can keep this blog going longer than my others… Either way, please join me in christening this blog with a fine stogie!


2 thoughts on “The Cigar Monologues blog is born!

  1. Thanks Jdawg – the first ever ‘Cigar Monologues’ exclusive review should be up this afternoon (I say exclusive, but it’ll go on UKCF too). It won’t be much of a review though, it’s a titchy little La Rica Tubitos that will be getting the treatment…

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