Cohiba SIGLO I

(Size: 4″ x 40 — Time: 30mins)

I’m afraid that there aren’t any pics of the SIGLO I cigar itself. However, I hope that the photograph of the delightful tube that it came in will suffice.


I smoked this ciga last autumn after a really shocking day of being messed around by various companies and workmen. It was fair to say that I needed something to relax with. By the evening everything was sorted and I headed to the hotel next door to enjoy a cigar. I grabbed a pint of Caffrey’s and lit up the SIGLO I on the hotel’s smoking terrace. (Believe me, it is not as good as the word ‘terrace’ might imply…)

This little stick gave me an exact half-hour of enjoyment after a rough day.

Appearance /15

Well. what can you say about the SIGLO I? The tube it is nestled in is simply gorgeous! What an excellent first impression. Then, as you remove it from its cosy cedar lining, you witness the full beauty of tobacco. The wrapper for this cigar was a well applied sheeny, dark brown leaf and nice cap. However, there were a few small veins, which just prevent this cigar claiming a perfect score. 14

Smoking Characteristics /25

The aromas given off by this cigar before lighting were hard to pin-point. But they were pleasant – perhaps reminiscent of a lightly roasted coffee bean? The cigar lit first time and quickly got into its stride. There was only one, slight, period when it went off-kilter slightly, but otherwise it burnt well and evenly. The draw was almost perfect, providing just the right amount of resistance. This cigar produced voluminous smoke, remarkable for a tres petit corona. Overall, the construction and quality of this cigar was pretty good, with just a few minor isses around the half-way point. A well constructed cigar. 23

Flavour /25

This is a small stick. If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… Small sticks aren’t renowned for their complexity. This SIGLO I seems to be a pleasant exception. On lighting it gave me a nice welcome with those distinctly Cohiba flavours – a wonderfully rich and creamy flavour, which had a lovely texture on the tongue. This developed into something which made me think of a rich, cocoa butter, possibly with hints at smooth spices. These soft spices continued as the cocoa butter resemblance gave way to the slightly spiced leatheriness. However, the slight spiciness disappeared and the leather faded to a slightly woody taste, it went a little bit bland for a few minutes in this middle section . Through this middle section a slight butteriness returns, but it is still a little uninteresting. I likened this particular butter intervention to I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter rather than some delicious Jersey butter. This butter gives way quite quickly to something which makes me think of a lightly infused chili oil – like you’d get at a pizzeria in Italy. For a few puffs this took on a slightly sweet character. The stick finishes with a smooth peppery flourish, without going harsh at any point. Overall, a nice little cigar with different phases through the smoke. Unfortunately let down a tad by a slightly uninteresting few minutes in the middle. 22

Overall Impression /35

Whilst not having the drifting variation of complexities that a robusto or lonsdale could provide, this tiny little cigar was still able to produce a solid three stage smoke. Consider it Macbeth, to a robusto’s Hamlet (if you’re not into your Shakespear just compare the length of the plays next time you’re in Waterstones… ). This is a brilliantly constructed cigar which is well presented and provides some nice flavours. Definitely one to stock up on (if you’ve got the cash). Definitely better than the Monte 5, but the San Cristobal El Principe is a challenger which is almost as nice but quite a bit cheaper. I’ll definitely be buying again! 30

Grand total… 89/100


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