El Rey del Mundo Petit Corona

(Size: 5″ x 42 — Time: 40mins)

Well, this is the first review that I ever put down in words. The cigar was smoked last summer and the review was written about a week afterwards. Baby steps was the order of the day. Many more of my reviews have made their way into cyberspace since this one, and they will also join the Cigar Monologues – but this is one to get us underway with…

I smoked the ERdM Petit Corona with a pint of Tribute ale, overlooking the beach on a nice, mild evening in north Devon.

So, my thoughts, using Cigar Aficionado’s scoring system:

Appearance /15

Good looking little stick. No veins to speak off, nice. Slightly oily to the touch, not dry or lacklustre. Well put together and looking good. 14

Smoking Characteristics /25

The ERdM petit corona was a joy to smoke. It lit first time and the burn was almost faultless, very even, leaving a good solid ash. The draw was excellent too; it wasn’t too tight at all. For something a bit stronger a slightly tighter draw would have been ideal, but for the type of smoke that this petit corona is, it was spot on – effortless, yet not too loose either. By all accounts, the aroma was quite pleasant and light too – or at least the guys at the next table thought so. 24

Flavour /25

This was a wonderfully light cigar – not one to wash down a bottle of port with after a heavy meal. That said, the flavours weren’t too mild at all. It started with an almost refreshing flavour and gradually, as the flavours melded and became a bit deeper, there were some slightly spicy and peppery notes coming through. It worked very well with the pint of Tribute ale as neither overwhelmed the other at any point. It would be unfair (I think) to mark this cigar too harshly on its flavour; okay it isn’t very complex and doesn’t give you a thrusting kick, but it isn’t supposed to… 19

Overall Impression /35

As you may have gathered, I thoroughly enjoyed smoking this cigar. Maybe it was the company, or perhaps the surroundings and the weather, or it could even have been an excellent drink pairing… Even if these factors in some way jaded my opinion I couldn’t say that this wasn’t a fantastic light smoke for a morning or a quiet evening by the beach. All in all it was a great little smoke that lasted about forty minutes (and I wasn’t exactly holding back). 32

Grand total… 89/100


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