Coming Soon!

Well, unfortunately I’ve been struck down with one of my biannual bouts of tonsilitis – not a great illness to get when you’re lusting after a fine stogie (and I’ve got some fine ones that I’m lusting for right now).

So, whilst there’s nothing new ready for publication immediately, I thought I’d have a brief look at some of the plans for the forthcoming month or so on the Cigar Monologues… (Don’t worry though, I’ve got a couple of archived reviews to keep your appetites whetted in the meantime).

I’ve got some very nice sticks in the humi which are demanding attention in the very near future. One that I’m particularly looking forward to is the Bolivar Royal Corona, one of the classic Cubans – and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve yet to sample it. I’ve also got a couple of Punch cigars which are calling out to be smoked. Likewise, a  Romeo y Julieta 2009EL Duke is ready and waiting – it should be coming into a rich vein of form now that it’s around two years old. In addition to all of that, there’s a vast array of other Cubans, a decent selection of non-Cubans and the recently arrived 1998 Le Hoyo du Dauphins.

As well as all of these cigars ready for review, there are a couple of neat little battles set to be played out over the coming months…

Firstly, who can truly claim the super-premium crown? Cohiba have the reputation and the big bucks backing, but are Trinidad good enough to challenge for the title? I’ll be smoking comparative vitolas from each house to decide the true champions of Cuba.

Secondly, with the football World Cup on the horizon, I’ll be looking out for the top cigars that should see you through a whole match… (Well, some of us need a really good reason to suffer through a football match). I’ll be investigating those sticks which you can light up at kick-off, and put down just as the ref blows the full-time whistle. There’s not a huge range of two-hour cigars out there, but I’m sure I’ll be able to take one for the team and test a few of them out. If you’ve got a recommendation then let me know and I’ll try and test it out.

As well as the two big investigations there is the small matter of the baseball season which is fast approaching, indeed less than a fortnight away. To prepare for the start of 2010, I’ll be lining up a top three robustos to celebrate opening day with! Who knows, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to be recommending a good torpedo to celebrate a Blue Jays appearance in the World Series this year… then again…

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