Fonseca KDT Cadetes

(Size: 4 1/2″ x 36 — Time: 30mins)

Okay then, tonsillitis is still plaguing me, so I shall delve into the archives for the latest review. Today I give you the relatively unknown Fonseca KDT Cadetes. If not unknown, it is certainly a cigar which flies under the radar, both by virtue of its brand and its diminutive size.

This one, I recall, was smoked during a pleasant evening in the garden. It was one of those evenings when light was replaced by darkness and a gentle wind rustled the trees whilst birds flew overhead. Awful passages of text which have rather too poetic a style aside, it was a nice evening in the garden with a Cuban and a makeshift ashtray…

Appearance /15

This little boy comes clothed! More of that in the overall impression section… As for the wrapper leaf itself: a nice silky brown appearance, spoiled only by one medium vein (see pic). The cap was well applied. The feel was firm with just the right amount of ‘sponginess’. In genral, the look and feel was good. 14

Smoking Characteristics /25

The KDT Cadetes lit first time with no problems. The burn was generally very good – on the couple of occassions that it started to go a little uneven it came back to the good and proper without any outside assistance. The ash was surprisingly solid on such a narrow gauge stick. The draw was very nice, not at all too loose, but not tight either. It produced a considerable amount of smoke for a 36RG cigar. Unfortunately, the aroma let this smoke down quite a bit – it was far too reminiscent of trips to my Grandma’s when she used to smoke ciagarettes… Overall though, aroma aside, no major faults. 22

Flavour /25

I smoked this cigar with a glass of John Smith’s Smooth Flow – as a fairly light and mild cigar, this seemed to work quite nicely. At first the KDT Cadetes was quite toasty. Very soon, this tasty flavour was joined by a slight sweetness which was almost honey-ish. This slight sweetness was really drawn through by the contrast with the John Smith’s (a bitter). Unfortunately, the middle half of this cigar became quite bland, with little more than slightly peppery notes to keep you going. Thankfully I held on, just as I was about to give up on the Cadetes, it came back to life. It’s hard to describe the exact flavours I got, but it reminded me a little bit of Glayva (the honey flavoured whisky liqueur). Then, as my fingers were about to be burnt off, a strong woody note came through to finish with a bang! The promising first ten, and last five minutes of this cigar are sadly let down by a middle twenty minutes of virtual nothing-ness. 17

Overall Impression /35

This isn’t a bad cigar, however, it’s not an especially good one either. The packaging is quite novel, coming in a rice paper sleeve and, once lit, it has its moments (at the start and the finish), so it is not without upsides. It gave me just over half an hour to appreciate the garden – trees swaying in the wind and birds flying overhead. It also reminded me, albeit almost too subtly, of a nice breakfast (honey on toast) and of a pleasant drink (Glayva – which I have subsequently had a glass of). None-the-less, this cigar can be summed up thus: the Fonseca KDT Cadetes, I have to say, has a wholly appropriate name – much like a cadet, it has passed the interview to get into training, but it has much to develop before it can take on front line duties… 27

Grand total… 80/100


2 thoughts on “Fonseca KDT Cadetes

  1. Another great review!

    I have yet to try these. I am always on the search for a great new smoke, but it sounds like I may have to pass on these.

  2. If you can get one for free then by all means light up – it’s worth trying and it’s not offensive. However, there’s very little about this cigar which would warrant buying one.

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