Cain Cigars – UK Launch

Last night saw the UK launch of Cain cigars at an excellent and social evening at Dunhill’s Bourdon House. Cain is the latest line from Sam Leccia – the marketing and cigar guru who gave us Nub.

Cain cigars are straight ligero leaf stogies. Ligero comes from the very top of a tobacco plant and is the leaf which gives a cigar strength and power. Sensibly, however, Leccia uses triple fermented tobacco, which means you still get the appropriate kick, but its part of a much smoother experience. Leccia uses three main regions for his tobacco, which each produce ligero with slightly different characteristics.

Esteli, Condega and Jalapa are the main sources, each being further north than the previous. As well as getting progrssively further north, as you go from Esteli, through Condega, to Jalapa the amount of sun these leaves receives is slightly less, producing tobacco with a smoother profile, and less power in Jalapa and Condega than in Esteli.

Only two of the Cains are being launched at the moment in the UK. Unfortunately, due to the current supply/demand in the States, we’re going to have to wait for the Cain F to be released over here. The maduro, which I smoked at the launch, is a decent cigar – it had just the right stength and power, but was never harsh or overpowering. In this sense it had a similar characteristic to a good Bolivar (however, I felt it lacked the complexity of one). The habano, which is being renamed Nicaraguan for the UK market. I suspect for fear of causing trouble with Hunters and Frankau, who distribute Cuban cigars (made by Habanos SA) in the UK.

When I get around to smoking the habano version of the Cain I shall write up a review. As for the maduro… I’d give it roughly 87.

Check out Mitchell at CGars own account of the evening (including some nice photos)… click here.


2 thoughts on “Cain Cigars – UK Launch

  1. Hi, I’m trying to help a friend with their bachelor party and looking at this, cigar tasting sounds a good idea. Do you know anyone in london who does home visits perhaps?

  2. Hi Chantelle. Sorry it’s taken a week to reply, I’ve been in Scotland…

    I’m not sure of anyone in London who specifically arranges this sort of event (for private customers, rather than product launches). A couple of people that might be worth trying though:

    – Mitch at CGars (
    – Ajay at Hava Havana (

    If you have no luck with either of them, who are both based in London, contact me via South West Cigars (link in the right-hand menu).

    Hope that helps.

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