Cigar Monologues – The Update & Competition

The Cigar Monologues blog is nearly five months old now. It’s averaged more than a review a week, though I’d like to increase that in the coming months. It has also reported on two of the biggest events of the summer – the international launch of the Cohiba Behike BHK line of cigars and the UK launch of the Cain brand. There have been sad moments too, CM was one of the first cigar sites to break the tragic news of Don Alejandro Robaina’s passing in April.

You can follow CM on Facebook – please do, click on the link below to get involved. Upload your own thoughts and videos to the Facebook page – it’s your space.

Cick to find the Facebook page: 

WordPress have added a new feature in the last week which allows you to ‘Like’ blog posts. Now, I’m a person lacking in confidence (yeah right), so please help make me think more of myself by clicking the Like button (but only if you actually do…) More to the point though, it’s always great when people leave comments, whether it’s your own thoughts on the cigar being reviewed, or a more general comment, it’s always appreciated and helps to bring the blog alive.


That’s right! The first ever Cigar Monologues competition starts right here and now! Up for grabs is a great cigar prize! You could win a pack of three Macanudo Cafe Court cigars (rated 9.0 by SMOKE magazine). These cigars sport beautiful, Connecticut shade wrapper and are petit corona size, they are absolutely perfect with your morning coffee. The winner will also receive a humi-pouch, as reviewed recently.

How to enter: All you have to do is write a review for a new ‘guest review’ page on the website using the CM format:

  • Appearance /15
  • Smoking Characteristics /25
  • Flavour /25
  • Overall Impressions /35

When you’ve written it, email your review to me: s.griffiths [at]

The closing date for entries will be the 23rd August, when I should be back from a sailing trip; if it’s light airs I might be a little late, so the deadline might be extended… Over the days following the deadline I shall post each of the reviews (accredited to their authors) on the blog. Finally, there will be a ‘trial by public’ until the 24th September – whilst not a requirement, I suspect photos would help garner some points… The review which, in my opinion, is the most popular will be the winner! (My decision is final!)

On your marks… get set… write!

Oh, and happy smoking!


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