La Gloria Cubana Gloriosos (2008 UK RE)

(Size: 6 1/8″ x 50  —  Time: approx 2hrs)

The La Gloria Cubana Gloriosos is an imposing stick, both in appearance and reputation. I’ve got a few in the humidor from box 1878/2040), and will regularly go to light one up, only to put it back for fear of ‘wasting’ it. It’s a double robusto which was one of the two Regional Editions for the UK market in 2008 (alongside the equally well received Punch d’Oro).

On Thursday I met up with Dave from the UK Cigar Forums (and fellow blogger) for a mini-herf. I decided to take advantage of this nice afternoon by the river in Cardiff to light up a Gloriosos and enjoy.

Appearance /15

This is one mighty fine looking cigar. Large, but well proportioned, it rails against the tendency to make cigars which are too thick for their length. The wrapper is a nice shade, with perhaps just a hint of copper colouring, with just a few small veins. The LGC band is a new, improved version, and looks stunning alongside the clean looking ‘Exclusivo Reino Unido’ second band. The cap was neatly applied. 14

Smoking Characteristics /25

I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Gloriosos burned for the vast majority of its length. It light fairly well on the first attempt and burned reasonably true throughout, with just the occasional (and often unnecessary) preventative touch up to keep it trouble free. The ash which was created was a mid-grey in colour, and fairly solid, easily holding at an inch. The draw was one of the best which I have experienced, and it produced an ideal amount of smoke. Were it not for the need to relight a couple of times towards the end, before it finally went out, it would have scored very highly. 22

Flavours /25

When I first lit the Gloriosos I was greeted with some very pleasant and smooth, almost creamy, nutty flavours, heightened by just a touch of black pepper. This were very nice, though too soon disappeared, leaving caramel notes as the dominant flavour group. These soon took on a slightly ‘sweet and sour’ flavour as some nice, sharp cherry flavours added a deal of complexity to the middle portion of the cigar. Towards the end, the Gloriosos moved towards a more sweet, smokey and floral profile, with honey floating around at the front of a smoker’s mind. As the cigar reached its finale after around two hours, the floral aspect fell away slightly, to be replaced by some nice citrus under-notes, which provided a pleasant, lingering finish to each draw. 24

Overall Impression /35

The LGC Gloriosos is an impressive cigar to look at. It is also an impressive cigar to smoke. It provides a long period of enjoyment and takes you on a quite sublime journey. The flavours are always deep and complex, the development measured and appropriate. From the first draw to the last, this medium bodied cigar puts few steps wrong. A couple of burn issues just dampens the spirit, especially as it started to feel like too much hard work to keep it going with an inch remaining. 33

Grand total… 93/100

NB. Dave has now posted his thoughts of the day on his First Load blog, including thoughts on the Por Larranaga Panatela and El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme which he smoked on the day.

2 thoughts on “La Gloria Cubana Gloriosos (2008 UK RE)

  1. My experience with this cigar was very similar to yours… If you have any more of them, just put them to sleep. They have huge potential!

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