Reflections on a fortnight away…

I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of weeks of leisure recently, spending a little over a week sailing, then after a few tasks at home, a trip to London for a cigar event. It’s been a very enjoyable little spell.

From this little break I have three reviews to write: an RyJ Petit Prince, which was an enjoyable little cigar; a La Invicat Petit Corona – a ‘value’ cigar in the UK; and an aged Partagas Short from 2002. Unfortunately, as I left my notes at JJ Fox, it may be a short while until I post these reviews…

I’ve also smoked a couple of Macanudo Cafe Courts – a thickish short panatela – a very pleasant and mild 25 minute smoke. Perfect, I found, for watching the British Fireworks Championships in Plymouth and when sailing around Guernsey. No review, as yet, of these.

JJ Fox Limited Edition ‘Celebration Evening’

I must also report back on how much I enjoyed the Monte Sublime – a 2008 Limited Edition. It’s not usually a brand I’m big on, but it was a really enjoyable cigar – beautiful, oily wrapper; an excellent ash and burn; and a very nice flavour profile. The draw was a little off on mine, with not enough smoke coming through, but it was a minor issue.

I had the opportunity to smoke this cigar at one of JJ Fox’s sampling evenings. For £25 per ticket those in attendance received a Monte Sublime 2008 LE and a Trini Short Robusto 2010 LE, as well as wines from Berry Bros. and Rudd alongside some simple nibbles. Jimmy McGhee gave an interesting talk on the Limited Edition concept, including notes about the type of leaves used in production – since 2007, inclusive, all leaves (filler, binder and wrapper) have been aged for at least two years, before then, only the wrapper was guaranteed to have been aged for that long. Also, there were no 2002 LEs (as 2001 LEs were released late) – so if anyone offers you a 2002 LE… tell them what to do with it.


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