Juan Lopez Petit Corona

(Size: 5 1/8″ x 42  —  Time: 1hr)

This Juan Lopez Petit Corona was gratefully received as part of a trade a few weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to try these, and my previous attempt was foiled by Royal Mail (or one of their employees). I’ve smoked the JL No2 before and have generally enjoyed them greatly, how would the PC line-up? I hit the garden with a good read (an ‘easy’ read after a couple of literary ‘classics’) and settled in to find out…

Appearance /15

This cigar was pretty good looking as small sticks go. As we found with the Boli No3, small cigars are often fobbed off with poor wrappers – not so with this. A few small veins, but nothing major, nice colouring and a well applied cap. To the touch it was good, if a little hard – but there was nice give at the foot. 13

Smoking Characteristics /25

The pre-light aroma was slightly ‘musty’ – it had that humidor smell, with nothing really jumping out at you. The JL PC lit fairly well, and burned pretty well from the start. The early draws were a little tight, but not overly, producing a reasonable amount of smoke. The burn continued to be fairly good, with only minor touch-ups needed here and there. The ash which was produced was a little flaky and not consistently coloured, however, it was fairly solid. The cigar stayed lit after a brief comfort break, which bode well (I thought). Unfortunately, whilst the burn was okay to begin with after this break, it soon went out a couple of times with about a third to go and the draw became rather too tight. Overall, not too bad until the end, when I ditched it a little early due to the tough draw and re-lighting issues. 20

Flavour /25

The JL PC began with a nice nutty profile with hints of honey on the finish. Soon though, by the end of the first third, the nuts were giving way to leather, and the finish at the back of the throat was that of lovely, rich chocolate. Unfortunately, as the burn started playing up, the flavour became a little like ‘damp toast’ – rather odd… 21

Overall Impressions /35

The start of this medium  bodied, medium flavoured cigar is really pleasant, and the middle section is typically Cuban. Good flavours of nuts, honey, leather and rich chocolate provide for a satisfying and quality first two thirds. Unfortunately, once the impeccable burn had gone, so too did the flavours – resulting in a frustrating and less enjoyable finish. 31

Grand total… 85/100

PS. I foolishly left my tasting notes at a cigar store in London last week, so it may be a little longer before I’m able to post my thoughts on the Partagas Short and La Invicta PC.


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