La Invicta Petit Corona (NC)

(Size: 5″ x 42 — Time: 45mins)

La Invicta is what can only really be described as a budget cigar – at least as far as the UK is concerned. I picked up this for less than four quid, which is pretty impressive given it is a long-filler and the ‘premium’ you often pay in B&M stores. (Paying for the free coffee perhaps?) Anyway, this is the first La Invicta I had tried, and I’ll be honest and say that I chose it for price alone. I was a little strapped for cash on the day of the purchase, so had to make a sacrifice somewhere (the Monte A would have to wait for another day…)

So, they’re cheap. Yes. But how does the line stack up? I plumped for the Petit Corona – arguably one of the great vitolas of the cigar world – to find out.

Appearance /15

The wrapper of this cigar is a fairly light shade of Colorado Claro, though not quite Connecticut. It’s not the smoothest you’ll find, and there are a few little veins. Firm, but slightly spongy to the touch. Overall though, there’s little to fault for the price. 13

Smoking Characteristics /25

On lighting, which wasn’t much of an issue, the draw was reasonable and the smoke a little too meagre. The smoke started building quite quickly, however, so I won’t hold this against it too much. Unfortunately the draw gradually tightened up throughout the cigar, and towards the nub became too much so. The burn, however, was even throughout and the ash was light and attractive. 21

Flavours /25

At the start of the La Invicta PC the flavours were approachable, welcoming indeed, with honeyed toast being the early leader. By around the one-third mark, it had changed to leather, which gradually developed a ‘greener’ profile throughout the middle third. Despite my steady pace, the cigar became quite hot towards the end and, as a result, a little harsh. 20

Overall Impression /35

What can you say? By UK standards, this is a cheap cigar. Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if a full half of the price is taxes of one description or another (leaving little over two quid between the retailer, distributor and manufacturer). The problem is, I believe it tastes like a cheap cigar. Towards the end, the harshness became quite offensive, and much of the greenery was not particularly pleasant. The beginning was a false start perhaps, as it wasn’t too bad at all. On the plus side, it burned straight and true… Still, you live and learn. 29

Grand total… 83/100


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