New Jar from Habanos

Yesterday (5th October), Habanos SA announced a new ‘jar’ release. This time around, H.Upmann is the brand which has been chosen for the release, which will be exclusive to La Casa del Habanos stores – the Cuban owned international chain of franchises.

The cigars, which will be packed into a glass jar, will be Noellas measuring 135mm x 42. Each jar will contain 25 cigars, and the production run will be limited to just 5,000 jars.

In the UK, the only La Casa del Habano is Ajay’s Hava Havana store in Teddington, London. (For those living in other countries, check this franchise list from La Casa del Habano).


One thought on “New Jar from Habanos

  1. I think it is worth a quick note that I was able to sample one of the Noellas at the LCdH in Teddington just before Christmas. The first third wasn’t quite there, but it finished very strongly. With a couple of years on these they will be excellent cigars.

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