My Top Three Cigar Websites

Well, the weather’s still very grey, a bit dank and generally not all that appealing down here in the south-west of the UK. Unfortunately, a fine cigar, as appealing as it would be, doesn’t quite have the allure to compensate for conditions. In order to keep the site moving along and a bit fresh (no more two month absences…) I thought a little overview of my favourite stogie-related websites would be a nice way to while away the time.

3. Nino’s Flying Cigar

There can be no denying it… Nino’s Flying Cigar website is legendary amongst online BOTLs. Nino spent much of his career as a Purser aboard Lufthansa Airlines and produced a wonderful website combining the joys of travelling with cigars. Excellent articles and photos from herfing around the world, alongside some excellent reviews makes this a truly engaging website. I hesitate to call it a blog (it’s far too complex and developed for that), but it maintains all of the plus points which blogging provides – a personal touch, and a feeling of a true passion for the subject. Nino’s retired from flying now, but the website is still updated regularly, and I think we are all truly thankful for that.

– – –

2. UK Cigar Forums

Everyone with a hobby or passion needs somewhere to share it. Herfing is obviously the best option with cigars – a great chance to get together with like minded individuals and compare notes on cigars as you smoke them (and an opportunity to generally put the world to rights). However, there is so much more to cigars, so much to discuss, so many bits of paraphernalia, and techniques and rituals to debate… There’s just too much to talk about over an hour long robusto. So where do you go to continue to the discussion? An online community of course, and there can be none better than UKCF (of course, I may be a little biased, being a long-standing member and having a lot to thank Deano and the other members for). It’s a friendly and international community and everyone has a passion for cigars – maybe that passion is for different aspects of smoking or different cigars and for different reasons, but the passion still shines through in the well-informed debate.

– – –

1. Trevor’s Cuban Cigar Website

I don’t really need to say much about this website, once you’ve visited it and had a look around you will know why it is so bloody good! Trevor Leask has developed possibly the finest online resource for BOTLs with an interest in Cuban puros. It’s a treasure trove of information about almost anything you could think of… Ever wondered which year a certain cigar was discontinued, or whether it was hand-rolled or machine made? Want to know what REs were released in which year, or when the bands on RyJ Churchills changed? You can find out just about anything to do with Cuban cigars on this website, and it is jam-packed with photos and more information than a normal human-being could possibly digest.

– – –

In addition to the top three, which are truly remarkable online resources, I feel that I should just add a couple of mentions for some websites of friends and smoking acquaintances too. Dave’s Fist Load blog is interesting and wide ranging – alongside some excellent mini-reviews, there are comments on wines and spirits, not to mention his thoughts on ‘other stuff’ – well worth a look. Then there is Yiorgos’ blog which is an excellent resource, it’s full of top notch reviews and it also acts as a co-ordinating point for herfing in Ireland. A new site, and one which can only get better is Cigar Bands, from ‘watkins’ on the UK Cigar Forums – it will, I suspect, develop into a magnificent gallery of cigar images.

I hope you have an interesting time having a little look through these websites, and if any of them are new to you then I hope you find them even half as interesting and useful as I do. I think that the next feature will have to be a look at some of the internet’s best sources of cigar related videos, and there are a few of them floating around at the moment… Next Sunday perhaps?

Now, and more importantly, to decide which cigar is worth braving this current miserable weather for! Happy smoking.


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