Por Larranaga Petit Corona

(Size: 5″ x 42  —  Time: 55mins)

Hurrah!  The first review in a bloody long time is up!  I’d like to thank Dave (of the Fist Load blog) for providing the specimen for this review, a Por Larranaga Petit Corona with what must be a couple of years of age on it by now.  Por Larranaga is one of the less well known Cuban brands within the UK, with only a couple of Regional Editions available (alongside sporadic supplies of the Petit Corona, as reviewed here).

Anyway, this one managed to find its way into my hands, and I lit it up after a lunch-time trip to the pub.  A nice little courtyard, a solid parasol and some heaters (along with a pint of Bays Gold) kind of made up for the typically grey and drizzly day that it was…

Appearance /15

This particular PLPC had quite a light colorado wrapper with a reasonably applied cap.  (Apologies for the quality of the picture – I’ve recently ditched a truly awful phone, a Nokia X6, for a Blackberry; that latter is superior in every respect, with the exception of the camera, which was remarkably good on the X6. Anyway, I digress…)  The wrapper was generally a little knobbly and there was one prominent vein on the wrapper, plus a couple of other slightly smaller ones.  The foot appeared to be quite nicely packed and the cigar passed the squeeze test admirably – firm, but not hard.  12

Smoking Characteristics /25

The construction of this PLPC seemed to be very reasonable.  The cigar lit relatively easily and provided an excellent draw, which was fairly consistent throughout.  The burn was reasonable, never quite perfect, and not razor sharp, but generally fairly even with only minor touch ups required here and there.  The ash was quite mottled, with lighter and darker patches blotching about the place.  The ash was a little bit flakey too, but again, nothing serious.  Overall, the smoking characteristics of the PLPC weren’t the best, but there were no elements which really let it down either.  23

Flavour /25

The early draws of the PLPC were quite creamy and with more than a hint of nuttiness.  The nuts and cream soon developed into a nice caramel flavour, which left a remarkably sweet finish on the tip of the tongue after exhaling.  A pleasant bitterness started to develop out of the caramel, alongside a slight floral flavour – it was almost like some lightly toasted honey.  Soon the floral element of the honey came to the fore, leading to quite a herbaceous flavour.  Finally, as the cigar reached its end, in a slightly less than thrilling climax, the taste of burnt toast became predominant, leaving a slightly fresh and bitter finish.  Overall, the profile was fairly pleasant and coherent, with each section of the cigar leading seamlessly into the next.  This was no more than medium in flavour, but it was fairly good.  22

Overall Impression

Overall, this Por Larranaga Petit Corona wasn’t a bad cigar at all.  Indeed, it was a fairly pleasant smoke in less than ideal lunctime weather, I can see why it has a fairly loyal following amongst a small segment of the cigar fraternity.  Whilst the cigar is not all that pleasant to look at it smoked well  and the flavours, whilst not all that enthralling, worked rather well together.  This is certainly a cigar which is worth trying, and may be an ideal stick to enjoy with a beer in the late spring and early autumn.  Thanks again to Dave for supplying me with the goods.  32

Grand total… 89/100


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