A Few Good Cigar Videos

I think I promised something along these lines quite a few months ago…  Apologies for the wait.  Here are a few irreverent, interesting, and informative cigar videos I’ve enjoyed recently.

Cigars and Tertiary Education – The Key to Higher Fees?

We will start with a bit of Freud, and some exceptionally attractive young ladies.  Now, I’m all for women smoking – something nice and appropriate, like the new line of Julietas from RyJ; but do find women smoking large cigars somewhat strange.  (Now, as an aside, I have to admit to finding the new Julietas kind of sexy in their sleek aluminium packaging – should I be worried?)

All of the above aside, I provide, for your delectation, a wonderful advert for the Estonian Institute of Humanities…  (I’m packing my bags as I type!)

For the record, my slap dash attempt at translating the video goes something along the lines of:

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar (Freud)
Sometimes a university is not just a university…
(not Freud – ed.)

A nice thing about this video is that even if the studious sisters of the leaf didn’t do it for you, there’s always the wonderful soundtrack: Tony Bennett’s The Good Life.

Friends of Habanos

There we go – straight to the point with the sub-title!  I don’t think there are many BOTLs who spend hours reading tosh such as the Cigar Monologues who haven’t come across our bretheren from down-under.  Many years ago, during the reign of George III, the British had the eminently sensible idea of shipping off reprobates to some far-flung place.  Unfortunately, they chose Australia, which took spin rather well, resulting in some annoying chap called Shane Warne (you know, the one with rather thin hair…)  Australia is also home to some pretty decent weather, and a small number of really interesting guys beat the genetic lottery to arrive on this planet as BOTLs.  The Friends of Habanos YouTube video library alone consists of 140 videos and counting.  The vast majority of which are ten minute long reviews by at least two of the amiable team.

I’ve decided to share with you the FoH review of one of my all time favourite sticks, the Party Short.  Enjoy.

Alongside the YouTube video feed is an accompanying community forum, which is all liked to their shop.  So, here’s a bit of free advertising for the guys at Cigar Czar in Brisbane – they certainly deserve it for all the effort they’ve put in to provide us with some excellent resources!

Cigar Aficionado

The behemoth of the cigar magazine world, Cigar Aficionado (or Golf Aficionado as it is occasionally known), brings us reviews of virtually every major cigar known to the North American public.  They also do some interesting lifestyle features, an inordinate amount of golf coverage and book length interviews with occasionally interesting people.  Despite sounding like the leader of some kind of anti-CA League I actually really like the magazine, I even subscribe.  There can be no denying the knowledge of the editorial staff, who all come across in their writing (and their videos) as typical cigar smokers – passionate and amiable.  I do think that the loss of James Suckling is a shame, but they will survive.  I should say, incase a Mr Shanken happens across this post, that I would be delighted to take over James’ Cuban coverage at very reasonable freelance rates.

CA’s video library is added to on occasion, and the range of videos is really quite excellent.  I particularly enjoyed the Cigar Wars series of videos with James Suckling and David Savona – in these videos they pitted Cuban and non-Cuban greats against each other (often with some surprising results).  There are also some great videos on pairing drinks and food with cigars, as well as a recipe for your own perfect home-made egg nog for Christmas!

Here’s the link: http://www.cigaraficionado.com/videos

Any Other Thoughts

The above three suggestions are but a scratch in the surface of the cigar video world.  Does anyone have a particular feed on YouTube that you always keep an eye on, or a single video which really just sums up cigars for you?  Let me know if you do, I’d be very interested to check them out myself if I haven’t already.


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