La Flor de Cano Short Robusto (2010 UK RE)

(Size: 4″ x 50 — Time: 1hr 5mins)

This cigar has been a long time in the waiting. Announced in 2009 for a 2010 release, it was finally in the hands of the British smoking public by June 2011. There is a multitude of rumours currently doing the rounds as to the reason for the delays (after all, the Por Larranaga Regalias de Londres was released more or less to schedule). Some of the more interesting rumours have involved the Cubans running out of tobacco and run-ins with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs – neither of which seem to make any sense whatsoever. However, I suppose we cigar smokers have an hour over a fine cigar to dream up conspiracy theories, and with that in mind, I’m a little disappointed with what was dreamt up!

The closest to an official reason that I have managed to find was courtesy of Ajay Patel’s review of the cigar on its arrival in the UK. Ajay runs the La Casa del Habano in Teddington (LCdH being a Cuban state franchise – so I suspect he has reasonably good information!) and told us that it was all due to ink… Not the bureaucratic red tape and ink that one might think of when dealing with a Communist regime, but a shortage of the green ink required for the printing on the boxes. The Short Robustos are a highly anticipated blast from the past – a slightly smaller version of the highly regarded Short Churchill vitola from the LFdC range of around twenty years ago. They are presented, unusually for Limited and Regional Editions, in slide-lid boxes, and the green ink used for the LFdC logo is another nod to this cigar’s history (currently Habanos use black for the LFdC logo).

Anyway, I think that’s enough waffle from me about the cigar’s interesting, though ultimately irrelevent, journey to the cedar lined shelves of the UK’s cigar stores.  Time to see what I thought of this cigar, which was sampled in JJ Fox’s cigar museum with a bottle of Berry Brothers’ 2009 Sancerre (an excellent drop to go with most cigars, and good value at less than £14).

Appearance /15

This double-banded Regional Edition cigar looks amazing – good enough to eat even! The wrapper is exceptional: smooth, lustrous and satin-like to touch. It’s a wonderful tan brown Colorado Claro wrapper leaf with no blemishes, and none but the very smallest of veins. When squeezed the resistance is next to perfect – it’s firm with no soft spots, and a satisfying amount of springiness at the foot. If you can judge a book by it’s cover (and a cigar by it’s first impression), then this is very, very hard to fault. 15

NB. This cigar is the last to be released with the ‘Reino Unido’ regional band, as H&F change over to ‘Gran Bretana’ for the second band.

Smoking Characteristics /25

The draw was beautiful at the off – just a touch of resistence, but still nice and effortless, producing clouds of thick smoke. The draw was generally good throughout, though it did tighten up a little for a short while around the half-way point. The ash was light-grey and showed nice tight rings with few flakes and just a couple of slightly darker patches. The burn was generally pretty good, whilst not quite perfect or razor sharp it never wandered off to the stage that it would need attention. Aside from a re-light which was needed towards the end this was a very well constructed cigar. 23

Flavour /25

Upon lighting the Short Robusto you are greeted with a wonderfully buttery, rich opening. This butteriness would remain throughout. As the cigar developed past the opening section, the butter took on some subtle hints of citrus which created something which one could only describe as being reminscent of scallops covered with a wonderful beurre blanc sauce. This would be the predominant character for fifty minutes or more of this cigar; and if one could level any complaint against this wonderful stick, it was that it was lacking just a touch in progression for most of the smoking time. It was saved by a brief change at the very end, when some more creamy, sweet-spicy flavours rounded off the smoke with latte and cinammon to the fore. 23

Overall Impression /35

The LFdC Short Robusto was well worth the wait. Perhaps the logistical issues were a blessing in disguise for thes cigars, as they have hit the British market at a canter, with most sticks having around a year of age already on them. This was quite clear when smoking due to the smooth, rounded nature of the flavours. Aside from the slight issue with the burn and re-light, my only real reservation about this cigar is that the flavours are perhaps just a little too mellow. Everything about the cigar just screams out quality and class, but it does just leave you wanting that tiny little bit more. 32

Grand total… 93/100


2 thoughts on “La Flor de Cano Short Robusto (2010 UK RE)

  1. Nice Review Simon, this looks to have delivered the goods, after such a long delay in being released.

    Will be interesting what I make of it when I get a chance to smoke it in the forthcoming days. I love the ‘butteriness’ flavours of Cigars whenever I get to detect them on the palette, so this little guy sounds right up my street.

  2. “La Flor de Cano Short Robusto (2010 UK RE) The Cigar Monologues” ended up being a fantastic post.

    In case it included alot more pics it could be quite possibly
    much better. Thank u -Mariana

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