The Author

Hi, I’m Simon, the author of The Cigar Monologues.

I’ve been smoking cigars for about four years. I suppose I started during my all-too-brief stint at Britannia Royal Naval College with the Royal Navy (before injury struck). I needed something to do in the down-time when training on Dartmoor. Cigarettes seemed popular amongst some of my oppos, but they held no appeal to me; I did need something to keep the hands busy (and slightly warm), so I thought I’d give cigars a try. It all started with a couple of Wintermanns at first, but soon a Romeo y Julieta No1 followed. Since that first taste of a Cuban puro I haven’t looked back! That said, I think it was an El Rey del Mundo Petit Corona which really got me hooked into cigars as a passion, not just a tool to pass the time.

That was then, and this is now… Now I am a ‘man of leisure’, with loose ties to the TA (I can’t seem to escape) and ambitions to run my own cigar business. On the cigar front I still love the ERdM marque, but have really found a home with the Partagas brand, with classics such as the SPN2, SDN4, Lusitania and the excellent little Short its easy to see why it’s always a popular brand. As for my favourite spots to light up, they are varied.  In London I wouldn’t consider it a wrong turn if I ended up at 10 Manchester Street or the sampling room at JJ Fox. However, top of the list has to be alongside the water at the Barbican in Plymouth. It’s a handy stones throw from my humble abode, and ideally situated within seconds of the Plymouth Gin distillery for a great post-smoke cocktail.

Which leads us onto another love of mine – various alcoholic drinks. There is nothing better than tending a glass or two of single malt Scotch over the course of an evening. Then there’s the real ale, and the gin, good rums and fine wine (preferably from Bordeaux, but not necessarily expensive). In-fact, in time I suspect that the Cigar Monologues will develop a drinks section too – I am, after all, the ‘Cigars and Spirits Officer’ for my real ale society…

Anyway, enough about me! Onto the cigars!