Humidity – The traveller’s worst nightmare?

First thing is first, apologies for the prolonged absence.  I’ve done a month of back-to-backs away from home and my beloved cigar collection… A week on holiday; two-weeks in grey, miserable, cold, wet Scotland with a TA unit; and a week or so at the parents. I did plan ahead and take a small sample of stogies to enjoy as the opportunities arose – unfortunately the opportunities didn’t arise.  However, they are still in tip-top condition. As are those in my humidors at home. Thanks to two products which I thought deserved a mention:


These, fairly innocent looking bags hold quite a surprise. To the untrained eye, they just look like fancy zip-lock bags – they types mother might have slipped a sandwich in before packing you off to school. But to those who know better (that’s me, and now you) they are a pieces of scientific genius.

Concorde… that was just built to inflate the French ego, naturally they needed our help… Indeed, if the crazy guy I met in Fort William (who claimed to have designed the nose mechanism) was anything to go by, les Grenouilles were happy to settle for any help they could get. Anyway, I digress. Concorde was for an ego, the Humi-Pouch is a real product, designed for a real purpose.

After a month on the road, I had three beautifully humidified cigars. The bag says it’s good for up to 90 days – three times the period I tried it out for. Top marks after a month, so I’ve decided to leave the stogies in there for another two months to test out Humi-Pouch’s claim… (Any update will be added to the comments section of this post).

The only slight issue I would have, and this is obvious before you even by the product… It is just a zip-lock bag (plus the superb technology, obviously), but it won’t protect your cigars from squashing if not stored well. Perfect to drop in a briefcase though. 4/5

Humi Doctor’s Humidification Tube

I love Americans. Their desire to know everything they can is often infectious – the fact-gatherers (rather than hunter-gatherers…) It’s why I like baseball – anything you could ever want to know about anyone who has ever played the game (seemingly) you can find out: what was Jim’s OPS when in an 0-2 count in the 7th inning or later with runners in scoring position… Then there is the guy who wants to learn to ski from a book. For all the fact-gathering oddities (and I would certainly class the last one as such), this trait has given America a huge presence in research – just look at how many of their universities rank at the very top of the world. It is this latter aspect which gives us the Humi Doctor’s approach to humidification…

That wasn’t supposed to come across as patronisingly as it possibly reads… Sorry if it did.

Humi Doctor Humidification Tube - far left of the humi.

Anyway, the Humi Doctor is an ex-pat American living in good old Blighty. He’s combined that desire for knowledge (in this case, what works best), with British manufacturing standards (no jokes about Rovers please…) The result is astonishing! With the humidification tube you get a cigar sized humidifier which is literally the perfect size to slip into your desktop humi – either amongst your cigars (it can even touch them!) or in a spare space along the edge. It’s not much, but this attention to detail is so often missing with some products. Again, over a month’s period, it’s kept my desktop humi in great condition. This is a humi which hasn’t got the greatest seal, and I’m often lucky to get it hovering at 62RH… However, with the Humi-Doctor’s solution it is still happily sitting at about 67RH after a month. I truly am astonished. (More details). 5/5