Major League Robustos

Well, here’s the list of Major League Robustos! Originally this started out of a concept to compile a list of top cigars to enjoy Opening Day with. I’ve since decided, however, that any baseball match is a great opportunity to light up a stogie and enjoy gametime.

I will try to inclue a reasonable selection of non-Cuban robustos (as I can get my hands on them), for those in the land of baseball.

The current leaderboard of robustos:

  1. Vegas Robaina Famosos – Review – 93
  2. Juan Lopez Seleccion No2 – Review – 93
  3. Cohiba Behike BHK 52 – Review – 93
  4. Bolivar Royal Corona – Review – 90
  5. Kristoff Maduro Robusto – Review – 89
  6. Davidoff Special ‘R’ – Review – 84
  7. Vegas de Tabacalera Robusto – Review – 81

If you have any recommendations for a cigar which you enjoy when watching the baseball then add your thoughts in the comments section below. Any recommended robustos will make onto the ‘MLR’ to-review list.

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