The Super-humi Collection

So, here it is! Now that the number of reviews have started to pick up, I’ve decided to start fill the Cigar Monologues super-humi. I’ve selected the cigars to store in this humi in order to provide a nice range of options – different sizes, profiles, and experiences. So, here it goes…

– – –

Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos (Review93)

A great little smoke. The short entry into the humidor. Wonderfully smooth, like a typical Cohiba, it also had wonderful sweet notes alongside nuts and coffee.

– – –

El Rey del Mundo Petit Corona (Review89)

Every humi has to have a PC in stock. It’s a great size, with great versatility. The ERdM take on the vitola is wonderful, and having smoked one again recently I was reminded why it was that this is the cigar which made me fall in love with the pastime.

– – –

Juan Lopez Seleccion No2 (Review93)

The ‘first-chair’ robusto spot could have gone to any number of competitors. However, I’ve plumped for the JL2. Nuts, wine and smooth spice lead the way for this under-rated stogie.

– – –

Bolivar Royal Corona (Review90)

Taking the understudy role in the super-humi orchestra is the Boli RC. A cigar with a great reputation for a reason. Strong, but never domineering. Caramalised nuts give way to leather and finally a great, spicy finish.

– – –

Bucanero Red Torpedo (Review82)

This is a cigar here by value rather than quality (per se). This is by no means a bad cigar, however, not a patch on the similarly sized Dippy 2. This is the super-humi’s ‘yard-gar’, or an option for handing out at poker nights. It’s also a deserved entry for the non-Cuban world (even though its not the best NC I’ve tried). Woody and vegetal, with a slight hint of leather, it’s a great cigar for about $3.

– – –

Diplomaticos No2 (Review91)

Simply one of the best cigars I’ve smoked in 2010. Great profile, wonderful development and a beautiful shape – I love the belicoso! A nice change of pace from many others in the selection, but smooth creaminess (whilst present) plays second fiddle to a great combo of earthiness and herbs.

– – –

Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro (Review91)

This cigar had as much to do with keeping out the Famosos as the JL2 did. Two cigars from this brand could, arguably, claim places with ease, but CM hasn’t got a particularly large humi… Smooth, big and imposing. Creamy, nutty, hints of coffee and even a little pepperiness give this double-corona good complexity.

– – –

I hope you like the selection, and I’d certainly recommend trying all of these. If there’s a cigar you think I’ve missed out, let me know and I’ll try to review it in the future and then put it up for ‘super-humi’ consideration. Leave any comments you’ve got below – indeed, what would be in your ‘super-humi’ collection?


One thought on “The Super-humi Collection

  1. A superb list there Simon. I’ve not tried the ERDM PC or the Bucanero but our tastes seem to cross over in a number of ways so I shall look out for them.
    Very pleased to see both the JL2 and the Boli RC featuring here as they are my two faves, and also glad not to see you succumbing to the Partagas D4 fanboyism that seems rampant on so many cigar forums.

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